Three Steps to Evolve IT Operating Models and Address the Talent Shortage

Monday, 17 May 2021

Join the ADAPT Research Analyst team to discover how the Federal Budget will help or hinder tech enabled business priorities in 2021/2022.

Our senior Analysts will examine the key sections of the budget related to Technology, Digital, R&D and explore how it will (or will not) drive innovation and digital savviness across Australia.

Considered a growth budget for a generation, does the budget pass the test to help Australia emerge stronger, more relevant and leading rather than lagging in the global innovation stakes?

Key Takeaways:

  • Who is leading the digital transformation imperative – business or government? As we compare DT investment expectations
  • Which areas of technology and innovation will be most impacted
  • How aligned the federal budget is to Australian organisational technology enabled business priorities
  • Whether this is a budget that sets Australia on a course to becoming a global digital powerhouse
  • What your peers are focused on and how aligned we really are in a post pandemic world
  • What has changed forever and how you need to continue evolving yourself, your organisation and your people

Open to everyone, this webinar will provide clear perspectives and offer advice to local, regional and global organisations alike, helping us navigate and identify opportunities together.


Meet the Presenters & Moderator


Matt Boon
Director of Strategic Research
Matt Boon, is responsible for directing and developing ADAPTs research content and positions.
Boon brings together groups of C-Suite leaders to discuss and prepare for the myriad of challenges and opportunities they face.


Aparna Sundararajan
Senior Research Analyst

Aparna Sundararajan leads the emerging technology research in the strategic advisory team.
Her role is to create independent advice for the Australian C-Suite by developing industry-leading content.


Shane Hill
Senior Research Analyst
Shane Hill is part of ADAPT’s Strategic Research and Advisory team. He produces pragmatic insights tailored to the specific needs of technology leaders in Australia and New Zealand.


Gabby Fredkin
Data Analytics & Visualisation Analyst
Gabby works closely with the Analyst team to identify trends in technology and business that help shape Australia.
Using modern analytics techniques, he provides clients with accurate and valid data and statistics.


Anthony Saba
Partner, Research & Advisory Director
Anthony leads the growth and development of the Research and Advisory Practice.
He equips C-suite executives with the relevant research, tools and advice to effectively lead and transform their organisations.